Scheduled Maintenance

Once your landscape installation is complete a common concern is keeping the yard looking as fresh and neat as the day it was completed. While we pride ourselves on knowing plant materials, understanding not only the requirements of any individual plant but also its potential growth, plants do grow. Designing with that in mind allows us to create some of the most uniquely beautiful views possible while allowing it to be as low maintenance as possible.

Low maintenance however, does not mean no maintenance. Plants, shrubs and trees of all kinds will eventually need some type of care, whether it is to emphasize their lovely natural shape or to maximize fruit production on your tree, we offer very reasonable quarterly, bi-annual, and annual maintenance service plans to keep your garden looking fresh and new. Do yourself a favor, don't let your lawn guy take a hedge trimmer to that beatuful new shrub. Only hedges should be pruned with hedge trimmers.

Some plants, such as camelias, Japanese maples, chamaecypress, weeping cherries among many others look best with fine, detailed pruning. We specialize in taking care of such specimens to make them look their very best.

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