Design & Build

Among the many services offered the most important is design. Design takes many forms but fundamentally they are the same. Proper design is shown not only through the beauty of the placement of plants, but also understanding the plant materials. Knowing where in the yard a plant will thrive; how much light it requires, how much water it will need, etc.

Most importantly is understanding the growth of the plant. This is where the longevity of the project’s beauty comes in. When a project is properly prepared and planted, the plants will grow into the vision without overcrowding or potentially hiding smaller plants from view. This helps to keep maintenance down, when plants max out at an appropriate height there is less need to prune.

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Example of Design Drawing

Comprehensive plans detailing plants and locations

Or get a 3D model of your design in addition to the plan to see what it will look like full grown.

3D Plan Example - Picture 1 3D Plan Example - Picture 2 3D Plan Example - Picture 3 3D Plan Example - Picture 4