Example Picture Mediterranean Terraces

As you can see from the before pictures, this monster of a hill doesn't allow for much of a traditional garden. The slope of the hill required terracing in order to make the land usable. There was an existing foot path that traveled diagonally from the bottom to the top of the hill, we expanded upon that.

The retaining walls were hand placed using 80 tons of four different kinds of stone. We were going for a natural, rustic looking design. The idea was to highlight the existing sandstone, complimenting it with the stones we chose for the terrace walls.

Considering the proximity to the lookout deck there was an opportunity to showcase a beautiful 50 foot waterfall. We used flat lava rock for the waterfall, diagonal wall, and steps to make them stand out amongst the other stones. The waterfall uses a circulating system that is pumped to the top of the hill where it empties into a bowl, it then runs down a stream to two additional bowls until it finally terminates in the largest bowl at the bottom. The waterfall was also further engineered to spread the water across the face of the last fall to maximise the cascading water.