Mediterranean Garden

I would call this more of a mediterranean botanical garden, because of the wide variety of plant materials used. Generally I would repeat more of the plant materials for a more natural look. The client wanted to represent more species and cultivars to creat a more showy hillside. This was a fun project to work on because the client was very involved with the plant selections. Because of this we developed a long lasting friendship and when she moved to Washington state, she hired me to create a two acre Japanese garden for her new property.

In pictures six and seven, you can see the beach garden we created. The client is an avid scuba diver and wated a garden to display several conch shells she brough back from Cozumel. So we thought we should use bamboo, phormium, grasses, and palm trees. We brought in nine yards of sand and created sand dunes to give it a more natural look. The result was spectacular.

Example Picture